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Welcome, The Satin Plum Patron! In this context, we're discussing cookies, but unfortunately, they're not the delicious kind you might be thinking of. In the digital sphere, cookies are small text files that store minor pieces of data. These are downloaded onto your device when you visit our site and consent to their use, allowing The Satin Plum website to recognize your device.

Cookies play a pivotal role in optimizing your online experience. They enable our website to recognize your device, enhancing website functionality, storing your preferences, and customizing your online advertising experience.

Here at The Satin Plum, we utilize cookies to distinguish our patrons, enabling us to offer a superior, personalized browsing experience, and to help us make continual enhancements to our site. The cookies we use are analytical; they allow us to monitor visitor numbers and understand how visitors navigate our site.

Rest assured, cookies do not contain any sensitive information like your address or credit card details, and we never exchange cookies with any third-party websites.

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While the choice to allow or deny cookies is entirely yours, disabling them might affect the functionality of our website and the personalized experience we strive to offer.

For additional information on cookies, you can visit: www.allaboutcookies.org